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General information

Orthanc is a lightweight, RESTful Vendor Neutral Archive for
DICOM. General information about Orthanc can be found on its
[official Website](

This repository contains the source code of the
[Orthanc Book](, that documents how
Orthanc can be used. It also contains the source code of the
documentation of the
[REST API of Orthanc]( The continuous
integration server (CIS) of Orthanc watches this repository, and
automatically publishes modifications online.

Orthanc Book


To build the Orthanc Book from sources, you need to install
[Sphinx](, the Python Documentation

### Installing Sphinx under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ###

    # sudo pip install sphinx sphinx_bootstrap_theme

Generating the Book

### Under Linux ###

    # cd ./Sphinx
    # make html

The HTML documentation will be available in the folder
`./build/html`. You can for instance open it using Mozilla Firefox as

    # firefox ./build/html/index.html

Contributing to the Book

 * Make sure to understand the
   [reStructuredText file format](
 * Fork this repository onto your BitBucket account.
 * Edit the content of the
   [`./Sphinx/source/` folder](./Sphinx/source/).
 * Generate locally the Orthanc Book (cf. above), and make sure it
   displays properly on your computer.
 * Submit a
   [pull request](
   for review by the Orthanc project.
 * Once the pull request is reviewed and accepted, the continuous
   integration server of the Orthanc project will automatically
   publish the new version [online](

REST API of Orthanc

The REST API of Orthanc is now fully documented in the [source code of
the Orthanc
The `--openapi=` and the `--cheatsheet=` command-line options of
Orthanc automatically generate respectively the [OpenAPI in JSON
format]( and its [quick reference
in CSV format that is designed to be included right into the [Orthanc

In order to contribute to the documentation of the REST API, you can
[propose a simple
to the core of Orthanc to be reviewed by the core maintainers.