Integrate Osirix using DICOMWeb


The OsiriX team has a blog post entitled “Installing Orthanc (Open-Source PACS) on Mac” that provides a guide to interface OsiriX with Orthanc through DICOMweb.

Configuration of Osirix

  • In Preferences->Listener, activate and configure AETitle and Port (e.g. Osirix 11112)

  • In Preferences->Locations->DICOMWeb Node, add a DICOM Node:

    • with the URL of the Orthanc server

    • with the DICOMweb API path of Orthanc (default is /dicom-web)

    • with a name (eg MYORTHANC)

    • with Q&R activated

    • without authentication

    • with Send Transfers syntax : Explicit Little Endian

Configuration of Orthanc

First, make sure to install and enable the DICOMweb plugin.

Adapt the following configuration options (obviously, adapt the IP address):

  "Plugins" : [ /* fill the path to the DICOMweb plugin */ ],
  "RemoteAccessAllowed" : true,
  "DicomWeb" : {
    "Enable" : true,
    "Root" : "/dicom-web/"

Configuration of Docker images by Orthanc Team

This section applies if you are using the orthancteam/orthanc Docker image to run Orthanc.

Make sure Orthanc has the Dicom Web protocol enabled:


If using Orthanc in a docker container, map the Orthanc DICOMWeb Http Port. Eg in docker-compose file:

  - "8042:8042"