Configuring DICOM Query/Retrieve

Starting with release 0.7.0, Orthanc supports DICOM Query/Retrieve (i.e. Orthanc can act as C-Find SCP and C-Move SCP). To configure this feature, follow these instructions:

  • Get the AET (Application Entity Title), the IP address and the port number of your DICOM client.

  • Add an entry in the DicomModalities section of your Orthanc configuration file to reflect these settings.

  • Restart Orthanc with the updated configuration file.

  • Symmetrically, in your DICOM client, configure an additional DICOM node corresponding to your Orthanc AET (see the DicomAet parameter of your Orthanc configuration, by default, ORTHANC), IP address et port number (cf. DicomPort, by default 4242).

If you encounter configuration problem with query/retrieve, please be sure to read the C-Move: Query/retrieve section.

For examples specific to well-known applications, check out the Integrations section.