Software X from vendor Y is not compatible with Orthanc

First of all, make sure to read at least the following sections from the Frequently asked questions:

Orthanc is free and open-source software (FOSS). FOSS protects the digital freedoms of its users, and is freely available to each and every user, for any use. As a backbone application for medical imaging, the Orthanc project continuously tries and ensures best possible compatibility with other FOSS software. To put it in other words, we provide free support for interfacing Orthanc with other free and open-source software. Feel free to discuss interoperability problems of Orthanc with other FOSS tools on our Orthanc Users discussion forum, or to introduce bug reports detailing how to reproduce your problem.

Independently of FOSS, there exist many proprietary systems for medical imaging. Note that proprietary systems might either be paying or come gratis (also known as freeware). In either case, they restrict the freedoms of their users and, as a consequence, the Orthanc project does not have access to a valid license for each software X from any vendor Y. This implies that we do not provide free support for proprietary software (including freeware).

If you encounter difficulties while interfacing Orthanc with some proprietary software, contact the commercial support of your supplier. As Orthanc is free and open-source, the support team of your supplier can download Orthanc, and can help you solve your problem. If some fix is needed in our source code, the Orthanc project will happily integrate it within in the Orthanc mainline, provided the patch is explicitly put in the public domain by your vendor. We remind the vendors that, if they distribute a patched version of Orthanc to some of their clients as the result of a commercial support, the GPL license of Orthanc requires them to publicly release the source code of this derived version of Orthanc.

Finally, if you need to complement the services of your vendor, consider buying professional services from our community.